August Schwer - 8 times the winners of "Clock of The Year"

25 Apr

Cuckoo Clock of the Year

The 2017 winner is an exquisite August Schwer!

This beautiful clock perfectly depicts everything cuckoo clock lovers and makers holds dear.

Beautifully crafted scenes of average Black Forest life, stunning details on the figurines and beautiful motion that brings the complete piece to life.

Every year the most special coo coo clocks manufactured in the Black Forest, have the opportunity to take part in the yearly "Black Forest Clock of the Year " competition.

The significant workshops present their most elaborate model of the year and popular vote decides the winner.

"Winners are often exhibited in a public museum so the people can marvel at the works of art."

The group of the Black Forest Clock of the Year is a demonstration of this stunning craftsmanship, design, and mechanical engineering the Black Forest area is well known for.

It is no small task to win the clock of the year!
It is important to them that the impeccable craftsmanship that goes into each Black Forest cuckoo clock be on full display in the option of the winner.

This year's clock from August Schwer is no exception!

Here's a look back at the previous August Schwer winning designs:


This clock displays a command of woodcarving and intricate design. Click here to find out more about how an authentic German cuckoo clock is made.
The 8-day-movement clock depicts a woodcutter from the Black Forest and boasts 3 moving components. The clock displays off with gorgeous music and dancers!


This beautiful work of art can transport you straight to the Black Forest!
The delicate carving is exhibited in the horse towing a cart of wood and the woodman looking on with his blade. This 8-day-movement clock shows off an array of dancers who twirl on the hour.


There are several details to drink in. Horses, carts of timber, girls going about their job and much more. This clock incorporates 3 components of movement and music to appeal the dancers to life.


Wow, where to start with this stunning display of artistry.
This chalet style clock offers an elongated scene of Black Forest life with two additional houses on both sides of the mains display.

"The figurines and animals are in life-like poses and seem to be ready to leap to life at any time."


This stunning 8-day-movement chalet design clock boasts a refined appearance.
The intricate woodwork displays a pattern that is beyond compare. There are 3 moving parts to this clock together with small animals like the geese and puppy.

This one also contains a waterwheel that looks like it could turn at any moment.


This unbelievable clock showcases the fun and honest of Black Forest life.
On the right, you will see a team of musicians prepared to start the party!

There are also extraordinary details in the characters faces and expressions. It has 4 moving components and a brightly colored bird to indicate the hours.

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